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Invite friends to create aircraft models together. Model making is a great passion for people of all ages.

What is reduction modeling?

Model making is a hobby for everyone! Consisting of miniature models of real objects using selected techniques. Not only vehicles or objects existing in reality, but also fictional ones appearing in movies or fantasy literature can be mapped. Currently on the modeling market, producers offer a wide range of military and civilian vehicles, airplanes, rotors, ships, ships, sailing ships, buildings and the mentioned vehicles from the world of fantasy.
Reduction modeling is the most (probably) chosen form of model making, which can be divided into two methods of construction; from scratch and assembly of ready sets. Building models from scratch requires from the modeler knowledge not only of model building but also the ability to create and read technical documentation, and process various types of materials. Building a model using this method requires a lot of work and accuracy.

The construction of models from ready sets is much simpler. The modeller receives blanks prepared by the manufacturer, which require assembly in accordance with the attached instructions. All parts are located on frames called compacts. However, not wanting to reduce this construction method, it should be added that the parts produced by the manufacturer are used by modelers as the basis for model construction. Through repeated machining processes, adding new details, they are deprived of manufacturing defects, supplemented by deficiencies so that the model is consistent with the original documentation of the given original.

Where I can buy it?
There is many website where you can buy models, designs, plans and necessary parts.
One of the better known is but you can also buy simply on amazon or ebay.

About us

We are modeling enthusiasts

aircraft models

Our team consists of 5 people. We constantly meet and create our own models, and then describe them on our blog. We encourage you to follow him, because we put there a lot of interesting facts. We have been interested in this for over 5 years. It is very relaxing and creative classes. We want to infect everyone who doesn't know what to do with their free time.

If you don't know how to start, use our guide series. Choose the models that best suit your interests. They don't have to be planes. Ships are also popular.


Choose the model you are interested in, purchase the necessary items and then follow our instructions. It is really easy.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that it is only a hobby, it costs money. The price depends on the materials you use, the size of the target element and the specific model. We will not give prices because they are really different. It's best to choose a model and check on amazon or ebay.

We are not planning to expand the team, but if you are passionate about this topic and you like to write articles on the blog, please contact us. We want to expand our compendium of knowledge and we will consider every proposal.

The choice of the first model to glue is quite important. It depends on whether you get infected with modeling passion or write down this form of spending free time in advance. It is worth adding that most enthusiasts admit that their first glued model has to this day and still fills them with pride. It is worth choosing a good quality model, but not too complicated at the same time. Good quality of the model means that we will not encounter any problems resulting from product defects. To start with, it's not worth choosing too expensive models. Let's remember that we are still learning and learning is best based on our mistakes. When choosing a slightly cheaper model, we will not be so worried that something went wrong and we destroyed the precious purchase.

- Modeling glue - necessary.

- Knife - the basic thing. The best is a scalpel, but I understand that not everyone wants to give such a hand to a child. At the beginning you can use a smaller version of the wallpaper knife.

- File - a small metal file, the so-called conifers, you can also buy nail polish cosmetics files at construction, tooling or modeling stores: D

- Small wire cutters - for cutting off parts from frames.

- Tweezers.

- Artistic or modeling brushes.

- Basic modeling paints, preferably acrylic first.

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